Scott Cowen May Be Leaving Tulane, but His Legacy Will Be Felt for Years to Come

by Brandon Faske, Huffington Post

Scott Cowen’s last day as Tulane University president has come to an end, but his footprint, befitting of the more than 6-foot-tall former football player and U.S. army service member, will always loom large over the university.

As a recent graduate of Tulane, President Cowen played a tremendous role in my college career. From the first days of freshman year when he invited 100 students to his home for a Friday evening dinner to waving hello as he walked his dog on campus, Cowen always made myself, and countless other students feel incredibly welcome on campus. That’s priceless for the most geographically diverse school in the country where a vast majority of students travel more than 500 miles to attend school. From my conversations with friends at other schools, it is clear that this student-president relationship does not happen everywhere. My class, the class of 2014, had the privilege of graduating in Scott Cowen’s final year after leading the university for the past 16 years, through its darkest hours and greatest triumphs.

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